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Richie Hawtin fans..

kate manus

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That website that likes to promote techno music & artists is doing another tribute for him again! it's on right now with quite a few people tuned in.

I love that Richie in Barcelona set from 1999... one of my favourites at the time! :)


12:00 Richie Hawtin on Power FM, Detroid (1989)
12:30 Richie Hawtin at Row Club, Barcelona (18-08-2000)
13:45 Richie Hawtin at Heineken Music Hall (22-06-2002)
15:45 Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva at Tresor (09-11-2000)
17:00 Richie Hawtin at Club Motor (19-08-2005)
18:15 Richie Hawtin at Mint Uruguay (13-01-2005)

19:00 Retroactive show

21:00 Richie Hawtin at Danube Rave Austria (14-05-1994)
22:50 Richie Hawtin at For Those Who Like To Groove (1992)
23:40 Richie Hawtin at Rex Club (10-11-1999)
00:45 Richie Hawtin and John Acquaviva at Crobar New York (2003)
02:45 Richie Hawtin at Jugendpark (22-08-2004)
03:00 Richie Hawtin at Kyoto Tech House Club (17-08-2001)
04:20 Richie Hawtin at Tresor Berlin (14-04-2005)
05:15 Richie Hawtin at Macumba Madrid (05-10-2000)
07:10 Richie Hawtin at I Love Techno (13-11-2004)
08:10 Richie Hawtin at Sankys Soap Manchester (22-04-2001)
08:50 Richie Hawtin in Barcelona (19-06-1999)
10:00 Richie Hawtin at Little Further (1999)
11:25 Richie Hawtin at Rezerection 2 Edinburgh (30-07-1994)
12:00 End of tribute

This is a little off topic but I came across this pic a few weeks ago and I think it is so damn cute... Richie's mom in at Amnesia in Ibiza with Magda!



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its all in Jeffs crazy glasses! his old ones were classic... hhm... maybe.. same sorta jawline too.
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i'm sure lazers were used to keep him well preserved.

richie is now officially half man. half mazhine.... ;)


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the thing i've always loved about the way ritchie play and produces music is it's always weird as all hell, but always deeply rooted within a deep funk ideology. (unless he decides to go really hard). his understanding of rhythm and how he utilizes it is on another level.
all dance music should be based on funk. that's where part of the problem lies today. to many producers/dj's have no idea of the roots of it all.
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i dunno man, there's some sort of similarity goin on there. i think it's your handsome smile that's differentiating the looks in that pic. ;)

btw, the ritchie set that's playing at the moment ain't too hot. guess they like it bangin with monster/devil sounding vocal loops in spain.
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tribe magazine legacy photo exhibit


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Sarah would eat little Jeff for lunch.... hehe.. actually i would L:pVE to be the fly on the wall of that date...


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Why does the fly always have to be on the wall. I can think of at least 4 much more interesting places to be than on the wall.

Ok, 5.

Geoff is a hero. he could handle her. It's Mark who'd take him down ;)
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