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Richie Hawtin: DE9 2005


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The more I listen to this CD, the more I love it - I wish I had 5.1

When I was downloading it, I was skimming through tracks here and there and thought 'hrmmm, could be a bit boring'

But after sitting down and listening to it from start to finish - it continues to grow on me and I think it's amazing.

It's really the kinda CD that you gotta listen to from start to finish, jumping around from track to track you cant really appreicate whats going on.


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Just got it today...so far, seems like a simliar installment of Closer To The Edit

Disclaimer:: I liked Closer To The Edit ALOT

Can't wait until tomorrow, thanks to my roomates we have 5.1, bi pol di pol and will get to it sometime this weekend.


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Still haven't heard this yet... waiting to find out whether or not it's going to be a b-day present next week.

But, just stumbled across this article (1999) that mentions a Hawtin throughout. I thought the very last paragraph was interesting. I wonder how long he's actually been working on this project.
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how much do I love Mr. Hawtin- Here I am asking how am I gonna rip that 90 min. version for the mp3 player- turns out its already done and is included on the DVD.

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i thought it was ironic that everyone was going off about that sample at fuse-in when you could have just walked across the plaza to have caught Galaxy 2 Galaxy/UR live at the exact same time. i had to split my time between both his sweat pit and the mosh pit at UR. it brings a tear to me eye just remembering it.

that being said, love this release in 5.1


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Just heard it on a 5.1 system and realize now that this is actually an amazing recording!
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