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Richie Hawtin: DE9 2005


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Originally posted by musork
umm how can you compre jacob fairly to sir richard hawtnose?

i dunno. he was just the first other guy that came to mind when thinking of canucks that have f---ed off to berlin.

anyway, yup, i was wrong and he will be here this week.


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speaking of berlin, that picture of him in the upcoming events flyer looks like he's turned into the 5th member of kraftwerk.

i don't think i'll ever get used to that "hair" of his.


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Originally posted by musork
I agree its lame to leave your home country out of the loop but jacob to rhichie is like apples and oranges...

richie always has a canadian date in his tour - june 1 in this case


whats with the techno room and always trashing the guy anyways? i don't get it . seriously

i'm looking forward to the cd

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richie always has a canadian date in his tour - june 1 in this case


whats with the techno room and always trashing the guy anyways? i don't get it . seriously

i'm looking forward to the cd


Canadians can't seem to supporting Canadians. I personally think that Richie is brilliant.
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who can blame Canuks for fucking off to Berlin? I mean seriously!

I mean.... germans!

and susage. (of the eating kind).

From the gay capital of Canada to the gay capital of europe.

I hear dance music is something a lot of people listen to in europe. anyone care to confirm this? Skeptic am I.


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nah lets get it straight ..

I think Richie is a marketing genius AND I think his early production is great AND I've been out to see him more times than I can count on fingers and toes BUT I think his latter work is weak AND that he's simply popularizing ideas which have already been around for ages in smaller electronic communities and profiting due to his high profile.

UR - you'll always be more nerdy than me, I don't have glasses. nerdlinger.


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Canadians can't seem to supporting Canadians. I personally think that Richie is brilliant.

great freakin' english!

Oddmyth: thanks for telling me how I feel about Ritchie Hawtin. Much appreciated ;)


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Originally posted by oddmyth
nah lets get it straight ..
you'll always be more nerdy than me...

Stare at the image long enough and if you see a giraffe - you are then a nerd.




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I am a nerd^^^^ain't work fun....

oh yeah thursday booked off richie on wednesday!!!! last I saw him at Roxy probly best set i have heard from him in 6-7 years....

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The Truth

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from the same site:

Canadian born, Detroit influenced and currently spending the majority of his time in Berlin, Techno icon Richie Hawtin will soon embark on a huge tour to promote his upcoming DE9: Transitions album. As we revealed last month this mix is the follow up to his groundbreaking 2001 Closer To The Edit release and will utilize evolving technology to explore not only the traditional musical transition over time and amplitude (X and Y) but the depth (Z) in terms of space and perception. You can catch him at any of the following dates including his DE9: Transitions in 5.1 surround sound preview at Sonar, Barcelona (June 16 -18, 2005).

Richie Hawtin 2005 Tour Dates
3rd June – Avalon, New York USA
4th June – Avalon, Los Angeles, USA
11th June Buenos Aires, Argentina
16th June – Orchestra at Auditorium, Sonar, Barcelona SPAIN
17th June – Orchestra at Auditorium, Sonar, Barcelona SPAIN
18th June – Minimize to Maximize/ Minus @ Sonar by Night, Barcelona SPAIN
24th June – 4Rest Divison, Club Gorad Moscow RUSSIA
25th June – Meet Me, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
1st July – Special, Old River Park, Napels, ITALY
2nd July Industria Copera, Granada, SPAIN
3rd July – Love Family Park, Frankfurt GERMANY
8th July – Minimise to Maximise, weekend Club, Berlin GERMANY
9th July T In The Park, Glasgow UK
9th July - New Kids on Acid, Watergate, Berlin GERMANY
10th July – Club Visionaire, Berlin GERMANY
11th July – Cocoon Club, Amnesia, Ibiza SPAIN
14th July - 5 Days Off, Melkweg, Amserdam, NL
15th July – Dour, Dour BELGIUM
16th July - Extrema Festival NL
16th July – Groove Parade, Monegros, Zaragozza SPAIN
17th July - Glade Electronic Music Festival, Newbury UK
20th July – 10 Days off, Gent BELGIUM
21st July KAT Club, Copenhagen, DENMARK
22nd July – 1 Year Anniversary Party, Cocoon Club, Frankfurt GERMANY
23rd July – Hyperspace, Budapest HUNGARY
24th July MINUS @ Play, San Sebastian, SPAIN
31st July – Blauer see, Naturpark, Ratingen GERMANY
4th August – Astropolis Event, Brest FRANCE
5th August – Nature One, Raketenbasis Hypna, Kastellaun, GERMANY
6th August – DC 10, Dance Valley, Amsterdam NL
11th August Sunkissed at Oya festival, Oslo, NORWAY
12th August – Sonne, Mond & Sterne, Saalburg GERMANY
13th August – Dekadance @ Dachkantine,Streetparade, Zurich SWISS
14th August – Venue, Thesaloniki GREECE
15th August – Mykonos, GREECE
18th August – Coloseum, Skorpje, Mazedonia
19th August – Motorclub, ROMANIA
20th August – Summer of Love, Pardubice, CZECH REP (Early eve)
20th August – Nature One, Poznan POLAND (Late night)
27th August – Creamfields, Liverpool UK
28th August – Pollerwiesen Final date, Jugendpark, Cologne GERMANY
29th August – Cocoon Club, Amnesia, Ibiza SPAIN
12th September – Cocoon Club, Amnesia, Ibiza SPAIN
17th September : Fabric, London, UK
19th September – Cocoon Club Closing - Amnesia, Ibiza SPAIN

Buddy Holly

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For a Canadian he really plays alot of CANADIAN cities. You would figure out of his schedule he would squeeze in Montreal, Toronto( not on a Wednesday), Vancouver???????

This world is a weird place sometimes!

The Truth

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As with many big name techno djs, it is just not worth it to play a lot of North American gigs (esp in the summer)..hence the move to Berlin..its a business/creative decision


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After his set on Wednesday, Richie mentioned a Canadian tour in the fall; hopefully this will materialize!


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I am to go see him on sept at fabric.

setp/17th he is playing at fabric .. probably with Ricardo Villalobos and magda.
Plus the wicked people playing room 2 at fabric should a corker of a set. last time he played there he brought down the house.
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Originally posted by Buddy Holly
You would figure out of his schedule he would squeeze in Montreal, Toronto( not on a Wednesday), Vancouver???????

At the same time everything is so close over there. Stick Europe into Ontario and shake it around. A one or two hour flight gets you pretty much everywhere. The population is there to support it too. We're too spread out over here.


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memories of hawtin..

i guess around '94 i was at school in windsor when this wackjob prof i had (tim dugdale i think was his name) handed me a cassette tape, that someone, likely richie had handed him a few days before.

it was an advance of 'sheet one' and when i heard it i though 'where's my hash gone'... and then i heard 'helikopter' and though 'i need to find the biggest fucking stereo ever to hear this on'.

i also though it mixed nicely with soundgarden's 'rusty cage' but that was a long time ago when music wasn't so up its own ass and we didn't give a shit about rules and genres. it was a nice time actually.

sheet one was simple sound with high (pun intended) impact and when i heard it, it was unlike anything else i was hearing... it made an impression.

since then... i've been up and down with his work, sometimes i get it... sometimes i don't.

the bottom line is that while i'm a great lover of 'art', sometimes i'm not out stroke my intellect or my chin to a dj set, but rather i'm out to jack my body senseless and have some fun. i'm all for sunday afternoon idm sets and playing basic channel records through a guitar pedal and induldge in those persuits fully, but most nights i'm in a hot sweaty room with a killer soundsystem at 3am i want throbbing hot sex coming out of the speakers...and i want to lose it, not think about it.

there lies my issue with richie hawtin. sometimes he's pusing the boundaries of what i call 'dance' music and making me think... sometimes he rocks the house proper... and sometimes he's off on a tangent and boring me senseless. a true artist certainly... but its a question of what i want that night and where he is that night... when they click, he is the god of the decks i remember slapping a factory duct to in unison with 100 other smiling people long time ago when that sound didnt' really exist. when they don't click... i've left wondering why i'd rather just take of my asymetrical printed t-shirt and have someone put on a tribal house record cause that would make me hop around like a loon.

i guess when i'm at a party, i don't always care for it all to be taken so seriously you know?


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im not sure why you guys Richie Hate all the time. You gotta give the guy credit for doing what he does. He is an AMAZING artist doing stuff that no one else has done before. You guys and gals complain about boring sets he does but yet, you'd jump at the opportunity to see him in a second. I just dont understand.
I for one, cant wait for the new instalment of the DE9 series. So, i dont have 5.1, but im sure ill figure something out.
Anyways, was just speaking my mind.


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richie hawtin is on fire this summer! best act at homelands, apparantly best act at sonar festival. gonna see him at glade festival soon, so looking forward to it.
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Originally posted by ladd
i agree that closer to the edit was pretty boring, but good if your in a chilled out mood....i still listen to the decks effects mix though...far from boring imo.

Just listented to closer to the edit for the first time the other day and LOVED it.

dont think its boring at all.


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Originally posted by keld
richie hawtin is on fire this summer! best act at homelands, apparantly best act at sonar festival. gonna see him at glade festival soon, so looking forward to it.


I would love to hit up Glade this year..

isn't Speedy J playing too??

The Truth

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Richie Hawtin - DE9 : Transitions

From tinkering with his father's electronic equipment to religously taping The Wizard's mix shows on local Detroit radio and trying to get to grips with pal John Acquaviva's small home studio, Richie Hawtin is dreaming of the future yet again. More than 15 years after he began exploring new frontiers in electronic dance music, he is redefining the idea of what a DJ can be. From his stark techno tracks on the Plus-8 label to the spectral acid minimalism of his releases as Plastikman, Hawtin has always been, as he puts it, "searching for whats next". Now his new mix album, DE9: Transitions, has made another quantum leap of the imagination.

DE9: Transitions has been realised in 5.1 surround sound, using the latest recording techology to create an immersive sonic experience: 95 minutes of altered perception. Hawtin has used Abelton Live and DigiDesign ProTools software to strip apart then reassemble his component tracks to make completely new compositions, combining multiple elements simultaneously into a constantly shifting collage of sound. Technique aside, DE9: Transitions is a powerful and compelling trip.

This is the third in the DE9 series which began in 1999 with the fiery, angular rhythms of Decks, EFX & 909 reflecting Hawtins DJ sets using drum machines and effects as well as records and continued in 2001 with the kinetic loop frenzy of DE9: Closer to the Edit. Over that period, he has refined his use of advanced technology to liberate himself from the more mundane tasks that DJs have to perform, enabling him to produce something thats far more richly-textured than the sound of needle on spinning vinyl.

DJing is more about performance now, its verging on a live show, and part of the progression towards that is moving further and further away from turntable technology and the idea of mechanically mixing two records together, he explains. We used to spend so much effort on getting records to stay in time with each other. But once you stop having to worry about that, you can really start thinking about what sounds work together, and you can get deeper into the structure of the mix.

Vinyl fundamentalists might, he agrees, regard this as heresy. Even the superstar DJs of the international party circuit whove largely abandoned vinyl for more easily-portable CDs have gone nowhere near this far. Hawtin, typically, sees it as an opportunity: The progressive people are thinking, if computer technologies automate one task, what can I now do better or what new task can I focus my attention on? he says. Thats the big question behind all the DE9 CDs what can I do now with the technology and how can I push in a new direction to further the experimentation and heighten the experience?

DE9: Transitions combines everything from original Hawtin productions to unreleased tracks straight from the studios of cutting-edge producers like Ricardo Villalobos, Marc Houle, Daniel Bell, Alex Under et al and adds flashes of classic techno moments including Robert Hood, K. Alexi, Sahko, Pan Sonic etc, which inspired him when he was a young clubber. But most of the tracks are fundamentally transformed from their original states. Some fade in and out over a period of minutes, others are reduced to one single sampled note. The on-screen read-out on the DVD version of DE9: Transitions illustrates that its smoothly shape-shifting outline, this is a remarkably complex project. In fact the tracks are so close to becoming entirely new compositions that Hawtin has made the decision to give them his own names.

Its taking a chance, doing a mix CD and giving the tracks my own titles representing what these pieces have become, he admits. But I believe its gone far enough that I can do that. Some people might get pissed about it; well see. The CD artwork plays with that, its a picture of my face which is totally made up of these track names, so it shows you that although this is made by me, Im no greater or lesser than the information Im using.

In 2003, after leaving Canada to spend a year in New York, he moved to Berlin which has been the worlds second techno city since the fall of the Wall opened up creative spaces in derelict buildings left abandoned by the march of history. Its an environment hes found genuinely inspiring.

Id always wanted to move to Europe, he says. I needed somewhere that was inspiring and where there were like-minded musicians and artists, somewhere you could still experiment with music and with life. Berlin is so liberal in so many different ways; theres an amazing club scene, theres a great development software tech scene, there are so many resources here for people who think different.

Hawtin has sometimes been portrayed as some kind of scientist-intellectual figure within techno culture, partly because of his innovative use of music technology. And yet theres also something of the night about him. Berlin has amplified that, too. I think Im a little crazier now, perhaps Ive let my hair down, he says (with a grin). Ive been dancing a lot, listening a lot, going to crazy parties with a bunch of really good friends being part of the scene and really enjoying what Im hearing.

Hawtin was the force behind some truly twisted warehouse parties in the Detroit area in the 1990s, until a local clampdown cooled the ardour. He now does his own club nights in Berlin, although much of his time is taken up crossing contintents to play anywhere from 10,000-strong raves to tiny sweatboxes for 300 people.

The Plus-8 label still releases records sporadically, but Hawtins main label now is Minus, the nurturing environment for a new generation of minimalist techno composers and DJs. He has also done a number of projects which fall well outside the traditional role of the club DJ, such as the music hes composed for a choreographed piece which will form part of the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics in Turin next year.

Hawtin talks a lot about experimenting, but it would be incorrect to characterise him purely as some kind of electronic lab technician. What he does has a sharply defined purpose: It would be so easy to make something so extreme and so out-there that people would say it was crazy and experimental, but they wouldnt really like it, he says. As much as I like experimenting and pushing forward, I also like partying, so Im always trying to find a way to communicate my furthest-out ideas in a way people can comprehend at this moment. Its forward thinking and futuristic but its not far-fetched.

He concludes with a phrase that sums up his mission: I want to entertain people, but I want to take them somewhere theyve never been before. DE9: Transitions certainly fits the bill.

Released: October 31, 2005
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