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Richie Hawtin: DE9 2005

The Truth

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The electronic music world is incredibly difficult to stay ahead of. What is branded cool one week, might be slated as dirty the next. Endless techniques are used by artists and their management to try to keep themselves beyond mainstream musical comprehension, and therefore slipping from the razor’s edge where legends can be crafted.

Richie Hawtin is far beyond the forefront of electronic music. His uncrackable image matches his flawless sound and genre pioneering styles. After 4 years, he is back with his latest transformation, evolving alongside technology to ensure he doesn't get lost in a world of dated sounds, average compilations and half-assed singles.

His studio in Berlin has been in full production for the third release in the DE9 series. Following on from Decks, EFX & 909 in 1999 and then Closer to the Edit in 2001 DE9: Transitions is the long awaited latest mix from Hawtin. Utilising the latest recording technologies and automation techniques, he is said to explore not only the traditional musical transition over time and amplitude (X and Y) but the depth (Z) in terms of space and perception - bringing you much closer to the edit so to speak.

Released in September of 2005 on CD & DVD, DE9: Transitions will be recorded within a fully immersive 5.1 Surround Sound environment, complete with high resolution audio versions and accompanying visuals.

Richie Hawtin will preview DE9: Transitions in 5.1 surround sound for the first time at Sonar, Barcelona (June 16 -18, 2005).

Richie Hawtin has a couple of tour dates across the USA confirmed for the next fortnight. Including the huge Detroit techno based Fuse-In Festival.
Richie Hawtin US Tour Dates
May 30 Mon - Detroit - Fuse-In Festival, Underground Stage
June 02 Thu - Denver - The Church
June 03 Fri - New York - Avalon
June 04 Sat - Los Angeles - Avalon

For those of you in NYC there is a very special private listening session to be hosted by Richie penciled in for Tuesday, June 7 - details are hazy so keep your ear to the floor. More information on Richie has his happenings can be found on RichieHawtin.com, Plastikman.com, M-nus.com or Mute.com.


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Deck, effects and 3 dimensional space?

<sarcasm>no thanks the last two were boring enough as it is</sarcasm>

Trying to be unbiased .. now who has a 5.1 surround system we can have a listening party on .. I'm looking at you Shamus ..


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i agree that closer to the edit was pretty boring, but good if your in a chilled out mood....i still listen to the decks effects mix though...far from boring imo.


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DE9:CTTE is a personal favourite. DE9 is good, but not my preference. I will tune in for Transitions.


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Closer To The Edit bored the shit out of me.

DE909 I liked.

There you have it. So much insight into the fabulous inner workings of me.


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that's really nice of richie to not include a canadian date, being his home country and all.

even jacob has time to come back to canada.

fucking superstar.


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Originally posted by billy
that's really nice of richie to not include a canadian date, being his home country and all.

even jacob has time to come back to canada.

fucking superstar.
umm how can you compre jacob fairly to sir richard hawtnose?

jacob has time to come back becasue hes no where near the level of superstar artist that richard is at...
its sort of a dumb statment...
I agree its lame to leave your home country out of the loop but jacob to rhichie is like apples and oranges...