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Richie Hawtin, a cigarette company and a VIP pass

Booty Bits

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anyone? who went to see richie last night? libradragon, harmonika? anyone?

i would love to hear about it. a friend told me it was a very 'madbar' type crowd.
she said it like it was a bad thing, but i wouldn't know. i've never been to madbar!

so? reviews?


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Wow what a great night!
Mad Bar the perfect place to hold a small intimate event, just how Richie likes it! The Bar itself looked great with Benison and Hedges going all out with the decorations.
You had to come early, because the free passes did not work after 11:00 so the place was jumping at 10:30. Plus you got drink tickets which made the night all that more exciting!
I have no idea what your friend was saying about it being a Mad Bar crowd because she was way off, the place was full of industry people who yes are a bit older, but who definitely respect the sounds of Richie. I saw people out last night that I have not seen in forever, you could not walk without bumping into someone you knew. It was great to see so many familiar faces.
Richie went on at 12:00 and the mad bar crew moved the DJ booth down onto the floor so Richie was right down with us. It was packed but you still had room to dance. He played some wicked tracks that kept the crowd going crazy! He was playing so hard it was great!
I did end up leaving a bit early due to three factors
1. the crazy amount of drinks I consumed
2. having to work at 8:30 this morning
3. having been at the party since 9:00
I left at 1:45 and Richie was still playing so I have no idea what time he stooped playing at but I know that the night ended at @3:00

All and all it was a great night, one I was glad not to miss

Booty Bits

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it was invite only, hush-hush kinda thing. ya know?
which is why i am so curious as to how it went.

*girl on the outside looking in*
Liz, I ~knew~ it....I called it, but I had no idea what was going on.

If this was a Sitcom, I'd be the kid who accidentally hears about the plan but gets it all wrong.

There is no point to my post.

Buttercup Steve.

Booty Bits

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if life was like Saved By The Bell, you woulda heard Jessie Spano talking about Zach Morris and went and told him that she was going to ask him to the prom, but really it turns out she only wanted Zach to help her ask A.C. Slater.

ahhhhh the drama.

Blossom Bits


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I can't believe I saw a post where someone acknowledged their familiarity with bad Saturday morning teeny bopper shows...props....

I'm curious which "industry" it was for... record company, or the B&H - what was the "event"?