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Rich Hope - BOUNCE Winter Sessions 2012


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Time to get excited about Bounce events for 2012. Lots of great parties in the works, and of course we're all looking forward to the long weekends at Keeting this summer. So, to help get the juices flowing here's an hour long mix on 3 decks that covers a lot of ground. Enjoy!

Rich Hope-BOUNCE Winter Sessions 2012


Intro: Cavalier - Kentucky Mountain Saddle (Interlude 4)
1 Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen (Remix) CDR
2 Jonas Rathsman - Feeling You (French Express)
3 Paul Monroe - Electronic Fever (So Sound)
4 Little Man Big - Straight Up (Mobile Trax)
5 Kreature - Stop Waiting (Love Not Money)
6 Francesco Ativilla - Rules (My Little Cat)
7 Discodromo - Build a House (Tensnake Mix) Internasjonal
* Git - Me (Accapella) BBE
8 Audiojack - Stay Glued (Gruuv)
9 Wildkats - You're a Freak (Hourglass)
10 Rubix - Tobacco Man (Cram Mix) No Brainer
11 Je Davu - Music Got U Movin (Bangbang!)
12 Jangatha - Make Me Do (6th Sense)
13 Ross Couch - Future Shock (Bass Mix) Body Rhythm
14 DJ Simi - Green Twister (SCI+TEC Digital)
15 Wattie Green - Brazillian Heat (Coyote Cuts
16 Re-Up - Shindi (Time Has Changed Records)
17 Claptone - Cream (Exploited)
18 Mark Wells - It Could be Anything (Influential House)
19 Mario Basanov - Just Think About (Social Disco Club Mix) Under The Shade
20 Daniele Tignino, Carel - Rhythmystic (Angelo Ferreri Remix) Reload
21 Huxley - Let It Go
22 Session Victim - Good Intentions (Retreat)
23 Manolo - Night Rhythm (Dikso)
* Git - Me (Accapella) BBE

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This is the straight goods - guaranteed to give your bass bins a serious workout!

There will be lots of opportunities to hear Rich at BOUNCE events in the coming months, beginning with Sonny Fodera on April 7 @ Footwork, and throughout the summer at the Keating Channel Pub.
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Mrs. Pink

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i put this on yesterday while working....awesome....i actually had to rewind the first mix to listen to it again to see if i could even pinpoint where he began mixing into the second track...such smooth transitions.


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thanks for the kind words guys. Mat, I recently switched to the Traktor S4 and while I will never use auto-beatmatch or anything, I'm finding it holds a mix forever without much maintenance so that's prbably helping the transitions
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like porn music for martians...

exactly what I was going for!

My girl just loves it!

thanks Matty!

My bitch humped her stuffed bear while this was bumping.

no comment

Thank you! Yet another reason why I only dl your mixes!!!

thanks man, I would put that testimonial on my website if I had one!

This was the soundtrack to an epic FIFA 12 session last night. Kept us groovin'! :)

good to hear Toby, thanks for checkin it


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i'm DL this now.

and since i'm still a "promoter" and can't post in roll calls, i just wanted to *unf unf* the Sonny Fodera promo and say "I'z gonna do it up bitches!"

Which, in English, means "I got a baby sitter and I'm going."
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I finally got a chance to properly listen to your mix. Man... you're amazing! :)

And ditto to smooth transitions... that Brazilian Heat track ownz.
Going to listen to it for a million times, for sure, it's in my iPhone!