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Rian Torrance


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Anyone ever heard this guy??

boy rocks a joint like no one else...full on blend of Detroit, German, and Swedish tickno...with a bit of hardcore.

watch out boys 'n girls...he's coming to a techno joint near you.

Dan, you wuss:D
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Rentboy, you little bitch.....

so you are saying this "Rian Torrance" character is good? But then you suggest he plays Detroit stylleeez and adds in a bit of Hardcore??? Is that possible? that guy sounds kinda whack if that's the truth....

But then again can we really trust Rentboys opinion? just for the fact that he vibes trance and all...:p

Rentboy, you little bitch...


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all i know is he is a little bitch. :D

wish he would get his ass outta London already...

i do hear the boy can play and his new cd is kickn' ! :D




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That sure is a weird way to spell ryan. Is there a story behind it that you'd like to share with us all? I still think you should have stuck with codex...

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^^^^just throwing you all twists...keeping shit fresh...

Dougie...what are you saying next saturday May 4th???

That is the date I am prolly coming back...we should link...