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Rhubarb time again


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It's Retro Rhubarb this year: they're remounting a bunch of 'classic' old rhubarb gems as well as new works.

A really old friend of mine--not that she's old, just that I've known her since I was 15--has a transvestite puppet show in the first week, the 4th to the 8th, so I'm going sometime in there. Anyone wanna come?
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I'm going to that!

I can't wait to go to this again. One of the best events this city has.


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Sunny, let's go together! What night is good for you? Maybe the Thursday?

(PS, I'm de-cat-hairing the house right now, and I shall stock up on Claritin too!)


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hopefully i'm getting festival passes again this year.
plus my friend erin's mom's play is being resurrected due to retro rhubarb! (kingstonia)


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The play is called Kingstonia? I can't find it on the schedule on the buddies website?

God, I wish I could afford a festival pass.... Teh Fringe lottery is on hte 9th, if I don't get in then I'll have some money to spend, but that's after the first week so there's no point!
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Re: Re: Rhubarb time again

Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
well that's something you don't see every day.

You're obviously hanging out with the wrong kind of people.