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RGM on Extreme 107.3 - CANCELLED!


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As of April 5, the station's new management decided to cancel Victoria's late-night dance music show, Real Good Music, hosted by local DJ Arizona.

The show provided exposure for local/Island talent and alternate dance music to the station's listening area. When I read about its cancellation on Rave Victoria's website, I freaked out because it was, IMO, one of the station's best shows.

For those who know and/or care, the petition to save the show and put it back on the air can be found at http://www.PetitionOnline.com/RGM2002.

Big up and mad luv to those involved with RGM.

Respect Everywhere!:cool:
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Boo to 100.7's management.
I hope another station picks up RGM or atleast hires Arizona to do a show on thier station. BOO HISS>