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Rez Aslan vs Fox News: They just can't grok him...


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Becoming a "fan" of this Reza Aslan after a thin diet of the occasional column/article that I thought was cool, he's making waves with his new book on jesus and totally giving Fox News brains some cognitive dissonance:

Also had a very good turn on Bill Maher last friday - was a better episode, the panel not so argumentative..;)
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definitely interested...that interviewer just keeps coming with the faith based attacks...
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When I saw him on Stewart I could have sworn he said he WAS a christian, not that it matters. Oh faux news...

He WAS (Just didn't take). He converted to Christianity as a teen, and converted back in his 20's. In 5 miniutes of a google search I found out more than Laura Green obviously did before conducting her interview. He promotes peace amongst religions and is against jihadism. Gotta love Fox news.

I'm buying the book. Religious history is fascinating and one of my favourite topics. Although I guess Fox would wonder why I would want to buy a book on Jesus (as I'm an atheist). :O
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i love how she absolutely doesn't get you can be a scholar of religions without having to subscribe to any particular religon, or subscribe toone, but still understand the other religions.