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Revisiting Teste's The Wipe and Toronto's early rave scene

The Truth

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Found this article about Toronto's old school techno group Teste and how influential their track "The Wipe" was..there is a bit at the end where they mention Toronto's rave scene including Chris Sheppard and the Adrenaline 92 part...

full article here
Dusted Down: Revisiting The Wipe by Teste | Juno Plus

Originally a three piece from Toronto made up of Dave Foster, Søren Browning and Himadri Ghosh, Teste was a short-lived project that on paper was active for just over 12 months. Legend has it a “shitty cassette tape” was handed to Richie Hawtin at a Toronto rave which, as the story goes, was played on repeat during his drive back to Windsor, Ontario. “As for whom handed it to him,” says Foster, “myself and Søren.”

In the ‘90s “the Toronto raves were good,” Foster remembers. “I emphasize good as there was a nice energy and a feeling of inspiration and newness,” he says. “Highlights,” he adds, “was seeing Jeff Mills and Joey Beltram in a Toronto warehouse playing to a very small crowd in 1992.” It was The Wizard’s first Canadian appearance. He also remembers visiting Juan Atkins at the UR Building in Detroit to hand him some material he’d been working on. “He was the consummate gentleman,” Foster says. “They had the most pragmatic approach of anyone I met in the techno scene in that era,” he tells of Detroit techno’s progenitors. “As everyone knows they are the true underground and the conversations I had at various times with (Mike) Banks have definitely inspired the ‘peripheral’ direction we took.”

A 90-minute drive from Toronto is the city of Hamilton (two and half hours from Mike Parker’s home of Buffalo) and according to Foster, their underground party scene of the early ‘90s was solid. These were the days when Foster would sneak in to such events with Junior Boys members Jeremy Greenspan and Matthew Didemus (DIVA on New Kanada). Alphonse, aka Alixander III of Azari & III, was there too he remembers, while back in Toronto there was Adrenaline. “We showed up to the Adrenaline party with two demos and we gave the first one to Chris Sheppard, a character of whom we had some regard for his contributions in the ‘80s,” Foster says. “Never heard anything back…” The other demo of course, infamously, landed in the hands of Richie Hawtin – and the rest is history.

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The Kid

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Great track and great article...Himadri is a buddy of mine :)

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oh that's a shame - with such historic significance, you'd think there would be more interest