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so this was without a doubt my favourite of the three theatre versions. and since i've preferred both of the previous extended versions to their respective theatre releases i imagine the return of the king will be no different.

this was the most intense lord of the rings picture yet. but it was definitely not without it's comedic relief. gimli was gold and i'd have to say is my favourite character. he's a real scene stealer from the more likely heroes.

the special effects in this movie were so good that they were almost non-existant. it really let the story do the talking and that worked well as there was loads of plot to get through to reach the conclusion.

my only complaint about this film was the very methodical and slow ending. it seemed to go on for 25 minutes or more. it was probably the first point in the whole trilogy where i actually felt a little bored. but it's a tough call. when i realize how far the journey had taken us then it would have been a let down if the ending was quick. the slow conclusion definitely served a purpose. after about 9 hours of non-stop action i think we all needed a gradual close to this most epic adventure. so it really isn't much of a complaint i suppose.

the return of the king was a well executed, superbly acted, tight scripted, masterpiece. one of the best "hollywood" movies i've seen in ages. the action sequences were used to perfection. never drawn out and always relevant and used to further the story.

this film was a fitting end to one of the most ambitious projects ever attempted. even if people were not the biggest fans of the fellowship of the ring or the two towers this is worth seeing. if you got anything out of the other two films then you owe it to yourself to see the return of the king.
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Hi i'm God

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Originally posted by soulmantra
thanks dingus.

by the way... what does RTOTK stand for? and oh yeah... that wasn't a review thread since it's all posts by people who haven't seen it yet (save maybe 1 or 2).

if you were really paying attention you would have noticed that i already replied to said thread so was obviously aware of it.
Then you would have seen what RTOTK stands for.


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Originally posted by Hi i'm God
Then you would have seen what RTOTK stands for.
sorry all i can come up with is... ReTurn Of The King.

strange acronym but whatever. still doesn't change the fact that it wasn't a review thread. maybe a preview thread.

and you punks are right... i woke up this morning thinking of a way to disturb the law and order on tribe and this was the best thing i could come up with.

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Evil Dynovac

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If Saddam gets multiple threads then something worthy, like Return of the King deserves a pre-hype thread and a post-review thread.

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