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Revenge of the Turntablist Promo CD/DVD


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Attention! All you hard core T.O. scratch nerds... Tablists, or anyone who is interested in getting their material on CD, we are now taking submissions.

Your "original" composition has to be a maximum of 4 minutes in legnth, and it cannot contain suggestive lyrics.

Please submit a photo as well as your contact and booking information along with your CD (Absolutely no MP3 or Cassette tapes.)

This is a PROMO CD... and it will be made available for FREE to the public... so please do not ask for any sort of monetary compensation.

You will also get your profile featured on the DVD... which will be aired live at the 2006 DMC Toronto Eliminations
(DVD soon to follow)

for more info, hit me up at this address.



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Mat Lunnen once did some sick scratching behind the decks......................pretty sure it was crabs.................