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Revelations Prophecies come true


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i know there's a fair amount of talk from christian extremists about how the portends of apocalypse from revelations are now coming true and the end is nigh, doom is near! i need to read some of this stuf. i want to know what these people think and their reasoning. i'm running google searches, of course, but i thought i might come to tribe in case anyoen knows of any particular preacher or group to look for. links are welcome, as well as reco's for articles, books, etc.
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aw yeah.

"This prostitute the Bible calls 'Babylon' is a secular world that lives outside the rule of God. Her prostitution is the hedonistic behavior the Book of Revelations was written to warn about -- the prostitution of a profligate empire renouncing its creator and absorbing itself in its own wickedness.

A deadly combination of Hollywood, Wall Street and sexual perversion, it has clutched the imagination of the world in a mortal grip."

"When the fourth seal is broken, a deathly pale horse whose rider is called plague appears, and Hades follows at his heels. A fourth of the earth, the Bible says, will be destroyed in the famine brought by Plague and Hades. The Black plagues of Europe, the Irish Potatoe famine, Syphillus, Gonorreah, Tuberculosis, AIDS and Ebola all had their conception in the silent hoofbeats of this fourth spiritual equestrian."