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Return of the Mullet?


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I know that pink shirts have been getting quite popular recently. I have one myself. Right now, I'm in Hong Kong, and EVERYBODY's rockin' the pink shirt. so I assume it must have made a comeback here before it hit Toronto.

I also notice that the mullet is making a comeback too. the spikey mullet... ala Paul Young, Kajagoogoo type. so does that mean... gasp ... we're gonna see a resurgence of the mullet too?


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please.. i laugh when i see the douchebags with the popped-collar pink golf shirts.. come on, spring was like 6 months ago!

as for the mullet, the euro-mullet has come and gone.
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terrawrist III

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if you see someone with a mullet it's for ironic purposes...or they actually don't know any better

as for the pink shirt only Asians and guys like Usher and Kanye can get away with it


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I'm working hard on getting a mullet back. I don't know how far i'll go but i think it is making a slow comeback.
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wayne bradbury

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mullets crossed with a fauxhawk are still fairly popular here in Australia. Most that have this hairstyle usually rock pink shirts with horrible brown graffitti type shit offset onto the shoulder area.


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Who gives a shit
People who think they are fucking ugly? Like, really, really, really fucking ugly?

If all the *really* fat chicks in the t.dot decided to wear booty shorts and halter tops you'd support/enjoy that?

What about racially offensive clothing? Some people would surely have no issues, i'm sure others would think differently.

Some things are just abominations, like ANY shirt with the collar up, mullets & fat chicks in halter tops.



Subsonic Chronic

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It always follows the same pattern:

1. Something goes out of style and anyone wearing it is deemed out of touch (take your pick here: 80's style, trucker hats, mullets, etc...).

2. Shortly thereafter, some celebrity will rock the style, or it will be featured in a magazine.

3. Fashionista types follow suit first and sport the same style, claiming to be the ones who are popularizing it.

4. Everyone else hops on the bandwagon and sports the same style. Ugliness ensues all down Queen st. for months.

5. Fashionista types decry everyone now wearing the style as "followers", style become uncool again.
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