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Restaurants open on Christmas eve

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Beer babe

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I get that's the kind of thing you would go for, but I actually meant 'decent' by most people's standards. Merry Christmas dummy.

To everyone else: If possible looking for something cozy (as i'm hoping there will be snow out!)


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been a long time, but as I recall, search out some *ethnic* restaurants, namely, Thai, Burmese, .... any place who doesn't necessarily celebrate Xmas traditionally. Or some Italian joint.

or just make your own goddam turkey. That's why I be doin'.
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James M's mom is open 365. not sure how tasty it is...service is probably nasty.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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I couldn't get in to see JamesM's mom. The lineup was too long.

Must be doing something right, though, I'd never seen sailors this far inland.


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here's a list of restaurants beer babe

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