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Restaurant Movie ID ?


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I remember seeing a preview for a movie about restaurants.

I think there was a clip where food fell on the floor and the cook yells it still good - 5 second rule.

danm it I hate brain farts..

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It was pretty good. Seemed like most places I have worked in, except of course the dropping the food on the floor, that isn't true;)

Unless, you count the time I worked at a meat factory for a week, and dropped a bunch of steaks on the ground in front of a federal inspector.


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it seems low budget from the commercials but i really want to see it. ive been in the restaurant industry for 11 years now and i want to see how acurate it is. Just like when all those party/rave movies came out and everyone wanted to see how real it was.
(all the rave movies dissapointed)