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Resources for fighting parking tickets?


Wondering if anyone has any resources for fighting parking tickets here in toronto.

I got one that states the type of infraction is "Stop vehicle signed highway prohibited", and costs $40.

But i'd like to know how this is different than a $20 charge that is called "Park vehicle signed highway prohibited".

I know that its not really worth my time, but i'm on a real legal kick lately(i'm fighting a highway traffic act violation in the upcoming months too), and would like to take this to task.

Also, for those who are interested in parking for free everywhere, i found an interesting article, here:


Whose substance boils down to this:

"Jackie says he's found a delightful loophole in big city parking bylaws, one he has exploited for years. Any block that allows metered parking doesn't specifically forbid parking in spaces without meters. The bylaws merely warn against parking that blocks traffic. So Jackie slyly parks just in front of the meters or just behind them in what he calls gaps, which don't impede traffic and which he says are perfectly legal in law, despite those nasty no parking signs. So he still gets a ticket because the parking cops are programmed that way, alas."

Anyway, help would be appreciated!
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