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Resolution 2002 - RnB, Milk, Up Roc, etc...


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So, where are the reviews?
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Sweet party!
Arrived around 1230 (thanks to a friends 'special' cab digits) and walked right in the door. No lineup, no cops, no search!
Waited about 10 minutes to get my coat checked which wasn't too bad, although they could have had twice as many people working back there with all the demand there was.
Strolled upstairs and pretty well parked it there all night. With the exception of about a half hour spent in the basement listening to DJ Serious. Very sweet sounds, but the room was too dark and dizzying for me. Laid out poorly too (read: a long, narrow hallway?)

Moving back upstairs, once you battled thru the people standing/milling around the perimeter there was plenty of room to be had for dancing.
Not sure what time he came on at, but Ron Trent KILLED IT. I've not heard him play before, but I absolutely loved it. Very soulful, very mellow at times, and then he'd throw it all in your face and lay down a killer track that would get the whole room shaking their asses.

I had a blast and saw a bunch of old friends I would never have expected to run into.

NYE 2002 gets the big drunken thumbs up! (my highest acclaim!)


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i was there too...

Ron Trent didn't impress me... i've seen him play before a few times, and i guess i was just expecting ALOT more... not to say he was bad, but.... i dunno... it just didn't do it for me...

King Sunshine was sweet..

DJ Serious downstairs... SWEET... but it was way too narrow and fucked up in that room... i felt like i was spending my new years in my bedroom closet..

the crowd was DIVERSE.... which was very cool, and very not cool at the same time...

overall, a fairly good NYE..


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like it was at Palais Royale.

I hate the rave tunnel.

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I gotta say that I love the 'rave tunnel'. You just need techno there. I heard Dave Hollands from New York down there and he was mental. And I totally forgot where and in what city I was in. Reminded me of the basement of the Masonic Temple when there were parties there.

I want to know more about this party. I was sure that this one would be the event of the new years if there was such a thing. I did a warehouse party that night, so I was busy putting that together.
If not, I definitely would have been there with those guys at Palais Royale.

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