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Resigned (Electro / Prog House)


TRIBE Member
Here's another up and downer slice of progression and tribal.

Shana - Deeper Mix, Stan Kolev
Black Magic Love - Visionary Remix, Somnus Corp
Remember Me, Ballroom
A Little More Mixed-Up Than Usual - Danny Graham & Rob Mooney's 'This Title is Too Long' Mix, Opencloud, Seyton
Miss Think - Future Tribal Mix, James Benitez
Cow Night Booty, DJ Sultan
Across the Ocean, Sam Perez & Dariush
Waiting is Over - Yan Sinus Remix, Mikel Curcio
Sophie - Baunder Mix, Darioef
Atomic - Tony Arzadon Mix, Telefunk
Feelin' Electro - Valentino Kanzyani Mix, Rob Mooney

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