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Residents night @ System


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Betty Rubble

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good surprise

Last night was all about good surprises.
Especially when i walked in to system to see some renos on the way. Pleasantly surprised.
Luke was great! Great tracks, great mixing. The dj booth at the back works.
Matt, nice work buddy - your set really tied in nicely.



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What a night!

This was one of those hidden gems that all too many lost out on. With a new layout including a new (temporary) booth, System really showed some cool energy last night. Of course the music was stellar. Adam, Luke and Matt all spun fantastic sets but it was the buzz coming from the current renovation project which really had the most impact. Good things on the horizon for our little home away from home.


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popped in to see mr. cooleridge for a quick minute...nice too see some friendly peeps and good times while systems under goes some renovations...bass was dirty that night...thats all I can say in the 20 minutes or so that I was there..Bass was durrrtyyy...


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residents nights are always my favourites...it was a solid january & sounds like februrary is off to a great start....& with such a solid lineup of djs on the bill last friday had all the makings of a great night...i'll be out next week to celebrate my getting even older :)

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I had a great time it was good to see some old faces I've haven't seen for a while. I love the verity you get from system Luke and matt both played solid sets and the breaks were going off too. I had a blast, and system getting it's new look... I think it will look very cool when everything is done. I hope they get rid of the spliff smoking guy.


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Great night out as usual - Adam, Luke and Matt know how to make you forget it's a blah February night outside!!

Dirty bass is right, it tickled my nose so much that I kept on sneezing!

Good to see the renovations are happening. The only suggestion I have is to take out the smoke machine - apart from the decks looking like they had a nice electrical fire going, all that smoke can't be good for the dj's or the rest of the crowd for that matter.

See y'all there next week!


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Man oh man! Luke and Matt's set were off the hook. This night reminded me why I love House music soooo much. Wish I could have checked Luke's set at the Zone but my Aunt's b-day party was a calling.