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Residents @ Dizzy Funk 02-11-2006.mp3


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This is a great mix! I can't find the thread where I originally grabbed it, so I'm just starting a new one.

Ollie Barkovic / Reece / Derek Parsons / Trevor Wilkes

This is a 2 hour excerpt from Dizzy Funk. Dizzy Funk is a Weekly Oldschool House night in Toronto Ontario hosted by The Labyrinth Lounge and Wes 'The Electrician" Thomas.

This particular set was 4 of the residents playing back to back (to back to back).
Ollie Barkovic
Derek Parsons
Trevor Wilkes

Flyer is available here:

or email bleep@isoprax.com for more information

If you can find it, grab it!!


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I don't get it. Is this simply an appreciation to a mix that you got from a thread but were to lazy to dig up?

Edit: The set is 2 hours of bang, great mix all the way.


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haha - so did i!

there's no originality anymore!! :rolleyes:

anyway - how are ya vench ? you'll have to get yerself over sometime soon.. come play with us again ;)
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