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Republican GOP

Matt Gaetz has unnamed female staffers saying that he's never behaved in a bad manner. Matt Gaetz is getting a raw deal and is being tried by the media, the unnamed staffers claim.

Matt Gaetz forgets his staffers are all over 18 and aren't being given molly beforehand.

Matt Gaetz's ship is sinking and more rats are leaving

Matt Gaetz can still count on Jim Jordan and his rolled up sleeves to still have his back.

(I love this 3rd person narrative that he's got since that release - it should be mandatory whenever he's being discussed from this point on)

I really wish we'd stop with the bullshit apology tours from assholes like these now that Trump is out of office.

The "it was out of my control that it led up to this...." narrative is really not a substitute for being a coward and having done nothing.
Tim Scott, the only black man in the Republican party, in their response to the State of the Union address, needed to spend most of his time trying to explain that their party isn't racist and neither is America, and that he's not a sellout. And HE'S the real victim here, because he's a black man standing up for policies that disenfranchise his own people, which he claims to represent.

Oh and Trump is responsible for all the COVID vaccinations that we're seeing today. You're welcome

You'd think he might of learned or at least listened to Michael Steele's experience of being a prop for the Republican party during Obama's Presidency.

Gee, Roger Stone is involved in trying to get a pardon for Matt Gaetz's human trafficking, who'd of thought?
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Bernnie Federko

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County voting officials could get fined or face criminal charges under new punishments being passed by Republicans, who argue that election administrators overstepped their authority when they expanded access amid COVID, AP's Anthony Izaguirre reports.

  • The new penalties have become law in Iowa, Georgia and Florida, and are making their way through statehouses in Texas and elsewhere.
The context: The GOP push comes after a presidential contest that saw record turnout and no widespread problems.

  • Looming fines could dissuade people from taking jobs as election workers or make staffers hesitant to help voters, especially in smaller counties that can't afford to risk the costly penalties.
In Iowa, Republican Gov. Kim Reynolds signed a broad voting bill in March that bans sending unsolicited absentee ballot applications to voters, as some officials did before the 2020 election.

  • One provision: a fine of up to $10,000 for a "technical infraction" of election rules. Linn County Auditor Joel Miller says the penalty could be imposed for unintentional mistakes like opening a polling place a few minutes late, and raises concerns about partisan enforcement.
A similar bill signed Thursday by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) could lead to $25,000 fines for election supervisors if a ballot drop box is accessible outside of early voting hours or is left unsupervised.

  • The Georgia law signed by Republican Gov. Brian Kemp in March allows the legislature to select the chair of the state election board, who has the power to intervene in county election offices and install a temporary superintendent.
What's next: The new penalties have at least some election officials talking about getting into different lines of work.
"We represent Americans of all backgrounds and continue to grow our movement by the day. And unlike the left, we embrace free thought and debate. All members are elected to represent their constituents as they see fit, but our leadership team cannot afford to be distracted by the important work we were elected to do and the shared goals we hope to achieve."

House Mintority Kevin McCarthy explaining why they're kicking out Liz Cheney.
NRA might not be the donor it used to be for the Republicans for too much longer.

No bankruptcy protection for them.
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