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Report: Cosmetics firm using remains of executed Chinese


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A Chinese cosmetics company has been using skin taken from the bodies of executed convicts to develop beauty products for sale in Europe, a London newspaper reported.

An agent for the company informed customers it is developing collagen for lip and wrinkle treatments from skin taken from prisoners after they had been shot.

The agent said some of the company‘s products have been exported to Britain, and that the use of skin from condemned convicts was “traditional" and nothing to “make such a big fuss about,“ the Guardian reported
In addition to ethical concerns, there is the potential risk of infection from the harvested skin products.

The company was not identified by name for legal reasons and it is unclear whether collagen made from the skin of prisoners was in the research stage or in actual production.

“A lot of the research is still carried out in the traditional manner using skin from the executed prisoners and aborted fetus," the agent was quoted as saying. The material, he said, was being bought from “biotech" companies based in Heilongjiang Province and was being developed elsewhere in China.

He suggested that the use of skin and other tissues harvested from executed prisoners was not uncommon. “In China it is considered very normal and I was very shocked that Western countries can make such a big fuss about this," he said.

In the past, human rights groups have charged that China was using organs harvested from executed prisoners for medical transplants both domestically and internationally. China executed about 3,400 prisoners last year, according to Amnesty International.

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Ditto Much

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yes but did they torture cut fluffy animals?

Cause if you didn't blind a bunny testing it I'm not putting it on my skin.
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I don't see the big deal.. It seems like they're testing their products out on skin samples harvested from the dead.

The article seems to allude that they are putting those same skin samples IN the very same products... but that's just mental.. and i don't think that's what they're trying to say.


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Well i'm not trying to outrage or start a controlled flame-war like those messageboard gods you've mentioned.

based on the article above, i don't see the point of outrage.. i mean hell.. most oober-sensitive tribe-peeps would/SHOULD be more outraged about live animal testing than testing products on dead criminals.

But i guess the point of being an oober-sensitivo is not the issue in question, it's just the act of being outraged that they enjoy.


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KiFe said:
Who cares? Can we get back to clubbing poor adorable baby seals now please?!
I have no problem with clubbing seals. I'm all for it, actually, especially after watching a wicked mini-doc on CBC last night.
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Subsonic Chronic

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But really people, we have to keep sight of what's truly important, and that's the economy.

Can you really blame a country with that many potential consumers? I'm sure our governments will do the right thing and overlook this little operation for some phat trade deals.
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I live across the road from the Consulate.. I think I've been handed a pamphlet on this topic while walking by from the Falun Gong.

Those Falun folks are hardcore..24/7 demonstration and every saturday afternoon around 5ish there are HUNDREDS of them demonstrating.:O