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Rephlex Records Tour-Friday May 24

The Truth

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Rephlex Records presents

The Braindance Coincidence featuring:

DMX Krew (Live PA)
Bogdan Racynski (Live PA)
Ovuca (Live PA)
Cylob (DJ set)

Friday May 24th, 2002
Lee's Palace
529 Bloor St W

Tickets $15 in advance at Ticketmaster, Rotate This, Soundscape and CD Replay


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..ok, granted I've only heard a few tracks, but I AM SO THERE!


Fuck, it just keeps coming. I have to get a job NOW to afford all the good nights coming up.
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Destro Sanchez

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i love cylob and dmx crew...

but who are the other people and what kinda music do they make (please pigeonhole it with superficial genres, thanks!)




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there are huge techno parties going on that weekend in detroit. in fact there is more talent at the after parties than there is at the actual festival. last year it was ridiculous how many big name DJs were in town and were not even playing the fest, but just at after parties. don't even worry about researching it until you get there.. you'll collect about 2 million flyers for this kind of shit within your first hour there.

btw someone asked about this, can't remember who, but the fest is pretty much all detroit-style house and techno. local detroit DJs make up the very great majority of those playing the fest.. that's why you might not recognize so many of the names. it's a good thing there's so many talented DJs in the city ;)