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repect to kemistry

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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rip kemistry.

and a huge, huge, huge big up to storm for continuing to do what she does best. i don't know of many people who could be as strong as she has been these past three years. if i witnessed what she did, and lost my best friend...argh..i honestly don't know what i would do.
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terrawrist III

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nuff' respect

she truly was a pioneer in the scene and i'm sure she's missed as much around the world for skills as producer'DJ as she is in the UK



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yeah...they tore it up in T.O. a week or so b4 it happened...phenomenal set, the way they both fed off each other left me in awe.

She was really cool too...i have fond memories of chatting with both her and Storm that night.

RIP...she is well missed.