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Rents - Sun 'N Bass (warm drum 'n bass)


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Winter blues got you down?

I quickly threw together this selection of summery dnb. Loaded with vocals, warm pads & bass lines, and an array of drum work, it should hit the spot.

I dropped in a few classics too. technics1200

I'll post the tracklist later when i get home.

enjoy :)



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1. Break - They're Wrong
2. Calibre - Windows
3. Marcus Intalex - Virgo
4. Derrick - Azau
5. Calibre ft. DRS - Closing Doors
6. Mutt ft. Stephane Vera - When I
7. Kjell - Grand Groove
8. Brother - Junction
9. Klute - Part of Me
10. Break & Die - Slow Down
11. Calibre - Touch Me
12. Jagged Edge - Rock Baby
13. Kjell - Empty Wallets
14. Bebel Gilberto - Aganjú (Commix remix)
15. Eveson - Wicked Dub
16. Will Miles - Turn This Way
17. Solid State - Just a Vision (Intalex & ST Files remix)
18. Kjell - Calmante
19. Gulfway Cartel & Lost Prophet - Harvest Dub
20. Lenzman - Diamonds
21. Eveson - Deeper Green
22. Profane - Ever Since
23. Mutt - Hot Lick Squeeze (RIP J DILLA)
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very cool indeed! very nice warm walk to work today and this is really hitting the spot and keeping me going after a late night of NCAA action. sun 'n bass is better than red bull in your face! thanks rentboy. it's awesome to still come on here and get a chance to check out your stuff. have enjoyed many over the years. loving the mellow but upbeat and super smooth quality of this.


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I enjoyed this as well. Been so long since I've heard this style. I don't mind a bit of the jump up/ super heavy bass line stuff, but I prefer this. :cool:
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