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Rents - Enter the Void (dub, downtempo, psy/ambient dub)


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Rents - Enter the Void

After a lengthy hiatus, i've managed to throw another set together. I've wanted to put a set like this together for some time but lacked ideal material. Thankfully, Fanusamurai has aided me with so many outstanding pieces.

Biologik proved to be the catalyst for the completion of the mix with his stunning remix of Cybordelics.

The overall theme of the mix (other than being dubby and trippy to the max) covers a worldly, traveller vibe... alot of middle east/african influences... many cinematic/score heavy moments...even a dash of celtic.

hope you all enjoy it.

thanks to Biologik for the hosting :)

http://www.soulsurvivour.com/mp3/Rents - Enter the Void.mp3

1. Fanusamurai - Random Thoughts in no particular Order

2. FSOL - Slider

3. Kick Bong - Incense

4. Deviant Electronics - Blunt Instruments

5. Kick Bong - Way of Life

6. ?

7. Thievery Corporation - Warning Shots

8. Fanusamurai - Let it Rain

9. Jon Anderson - Deseo (FSOL reconstruction)

10. Impulse - Smoking Carr

11. Watershell - Deep Field View (pt2)

12. FSOL - We have Explosive (Part 5)

13. Apollo 440 - Liquid Cool (FSOL remix)

14. Dub Trees - Dreamlab

15. Fanusamurai - Killer Boys and Black Balloons

16. FSOL - Cascade (part 4)

17. Afro Celt Sound System - Lovers of Light

18. J Viewz - Untracked

19. Walk Skip Run Glide - Jagiye

20. Fanusamurai - Roy Batty is still alive

21. King Tubby & Glen Brown - Lambsbread Dub (Leftfield mix)

22. Sabres of Paradise - Planet D (Portishead mix)

23. Fanusamurai - Skyscraper Dreams

24. Cybordelics - Adventures of Dama (Biologik Remix)
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OTIS said:
Dont you know you're supposed to call this one "white" "dub" "promo" or "unreleased" to up your elite cred? Bad form ol boy!

haha, tbh, i have no idea what it is.

Some middle eastern tinged number. :)

thanks for checking it out everyone.
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--[Zirca]-- said:
My favourite mix of yours to date. Sick track selection. This one will be in rotation for a very long time.


wow, considering the mixes i've churned out,that means alot :)

thanks Danny boy!


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First of all, thanks for another smoking mix Rents. Second of all, whoa to Biologik's remix, thats rediculously good! Big up ya self!

Boss Hog

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I've listened to this back to back twice now. It's definitey my fave of the other couple that I've downloaded, nice job!
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You never got back to my PM rents. But I stumbled on this thread so I guess I answered my own question ;)


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Thanks Kalemic, means a lot - especially since my tracks normally never hit anyone except for a few people's ears.

This mix is awesome, but my all time favorite rents mix is def. Going Through The Motions. Mind you.. all the mixes have their own style and mood!

Thanks again Rents. I hope you have another 4hr mix coming :D
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