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renting woes...

claire evil

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so, my potential roommates and i have our eyes on this particular apartment.

we're in the process of filling out our application forms, which will give the landlord permission to access our banking information, criminal records... blahblahblah. the thing is, we were told that a $250 security deposit is needed for this. we were told that after the applications are reviewed, the money will be returned to us.

i've never heard of such a thing... has anyone had to do this before? in the application it states that if any of the information we submit is untrue the landlord is entitled to $100 worth of the security deposit....


can anyone help me out?

also, i'm trying to budget in terms of utilities. the rent on this particular apartment is cheap, but hydro is extra. the house is heated by electric baseboards (which i know can be a total bitch). does anyone pay extra for baseboard heating? is it possible to get equal billing from hydro if you're signing a new lease?

bah. i'm very confused and am having trouble finding information.
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Be very carefull, my frind got a place, put down a deposit and the guy ran off with it, he was just showing places he didn't own. It was all over the news. Make shure he really own the place and is supposed to rent it out...


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that's pretty much standard everywhere you rent from -a security deposit. Depending on your place, the landlord can ask for a fairly large deposit.

I had to put up one month's rent a head of time which was well over $200, so yeah, they're allowed to do that. It's all according to contract.


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before you give him any money go to that place and ask one of your potential new neighbors about the landlord

usually existing tenants wil be able to tell you if the landlord asked them fro the same thing, and generally if the landlord is a good one or not

Ditto Much

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I had to drop security depositis on a few places along the way (current one included). When asked now adays I point out that because of recent media coverage towards a scam I require a photocopy of a drivers license.

Additionally I ony make a deposit in the same name as I would be paying for a lease. So show me a lease and who gets paid and thats who i issue the deposit check to.
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