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Rentboy Drumfunk...


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I know this mix is 5-6 years old but Rentboy nailed this one. Pure badness...
http://www.soulsurvivour.com/mp3/Rents - Drumfunk v1.mp3

Paradox and Nucleus - Musik Box
Seba feat Robert Manos - Gold and Diamonds
Breakage - I N I
Break and Survival - Cronk
Macc - Wrong to Perfection
Paradox - Pride of Sixtynine
Alaska and Nucleus - The Nautilus
Sileni - Cold Sweat
Macc and Dgohn - 15 Bit
Justice - Transit (Alaska/Paradox remix)
Breakage - Rise
Electrosoul System - No One Knows
Ricky Force - 4 Now
Fracture and Neptune - Continuities
Seba - Forever
Nucleus and Paradox - Love Her (version)
Peshay - The Nocturnal
Fanu - Garmonbozia
Equinox - Filteration
DJ Trax and Paradox - Entity
Alaska - Rare Earth


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thanks JP :)

I was fairly obsessed with the drumfunk sound then... it's a shame that it's petered out. It boggles the mind that most people involved in drum 'n bass wouldn't prefer this sound over the bulk of unlistenable clown-step built on drab drums and presets.

Jemz, I'll see if i can find the mp3 of this and link it your way. It's big on drums. :)


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Jesus I don't even remember posting this. 6:01 a.m. Where the hell did I find the tracklist? HAHAHAH me thinks me was out partying all night.

I do remember listening to it on the way downtown sober one day. Killer set. I had my Ipod on shuffle and was thinking wow a set on here that I'm not sick of that is actually really good. Some stellar beats and mixing for sure. Lemme know if you have trouble finding the mix and I'll grab it off whatever drive it's stored on.

Here's a shameless self of one of my favorite drumfunk tunes I ever did it came out on my last album. Rent lemme know what you think.



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That's a solid tune JP.

As someone commented, it has a heavy military vibe. Nice cut-up drums. You really can't beat chopped drums and edits... the looser the better.

Thanks for sharing. :)
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