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Rennie Pilgrim-Tribalizm


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Hey Kevin,
This is the unofficial tracklisting taken from one of the msg brd posts at Nubreaks.com

Chris Carter - Random Factors
Rennie Pilgrem & Meat Katie - Atmosphere
Rennie Pilgrem & Arhur Baker - Face It
Meat Katie - Next Life
Vigi & DJ Zero - Others
Koma & Bones - High Rollin' (Rennie Pilgrem Remix)
2 Sinners - Mr Jingles
Uberzone - Bounce (new Rennie Pilgrem Remix)
DJ Who- Crusher (Rennie Pilgrem Remix)
Rennie Pilgrem & BLIM - Monkfish
Koma & Bones - Morpheus (Rennie Pilgrem's Annoying Siren Remix :=) )
Uberzone & Rennie Pilgrem - Black Widow (VIP Mix)
Kosheen - Hide U (Koma & Bones Remix)

I would love to get hold of the LP sampler.
Any directions?

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