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Rennie Pilgrem CD release tour available

Discussion in 'Breaks Room' started by Draco, Feb 19, 2002.

  1. Draco

    Draco TRIBE Member

    Rennie Pilgrem (tcr, unreal, pioneer, london uk)
    available May 20th - 26th

    Rennie Pilgrem will be touring the US & Canada in May in support of his new CD & album, "Tribalizm", which is being released on TCR April 22nd 2002. This is Rennie’s first mix album in three years. It is a selection of the very finest breakbeat cuts around, selected by "The don of Breaks" himself; Rennie Pilgrem.

    2001 was a huge year for Rennie and TCR. Muzik Magazine awarded Rennie & Blim's "Eskimo" as the 3rd Best Single Of The Year, only two behind Missy Elliots "Get Your Freak On". Rennie and TCR were featured in almost every major music publication through out the world for their ground breaking club cuts and metamorphes/fusing of breaks with the tribal drum elements of house and the basslines of Drum n Bass.

    Rennie Pilgrem has been a leader in the development of electronic music and breaks for over a decade. He is credited for creating and terming the genre "nu skool breaks", which he helped pioneer. He owns and operates one of the worlds most respected and spectacular labels, TCR or Thursday Club recordings. This is a rare opportunity to book one of the worlds most sought after djs and producers, Rennie Pilgrem. http://www.tcr.uk.com

    Please contact
    Josh @ Release Artist Management

    ***artist request forms are available on the web at www.releasedjs.com
  2. noahmintz

    noahmintz TRIBE Member


  3. kprior

    kprior TRIBE Member


    Lets go!....Backbreakers....this is your calling, bring in the man!

    Todd, Eric this is a chance of a lifetime.



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