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Renegades "Rewind"

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by RaVeRGuY, Dec 10, 2000.

  1. RaVeRGuY

    RaVeRGuY TRIBE Member

    How was it?

  2. Guest

    Guest Guest

    We left System at about 5am, and when we walked by Turbo it was already closed. Did something happen?
  3. noah

    noah New Member

    Ya ...
    No one showed up

  4. ecstasy riot

    ecstasy riot TRIBE Member

    r u for real?
    and i wanted to go so bad but i had work.
  5. noah

    noah New Member

    I was just kiddin'
    I have no clue if anyone showed up or not cause I didn't go myself

  6. lexsracy

    lexsracy TRIBE Member

    actually you are kinda right...ive never seen that place that empty before...i dont know why more ppl didnt come...it was good still just better if there were more ppl there ...oh well
  7. D-Cypher

    D-Cypher TRIBE Member

    i waz empty cuz turbo sucks...

    i left at 1:30...couldn't take n e more
  8. D-Caf

    D-Caf TRIBE Member

    It was empty.
    The tunes were amazing. Sooo good to hear soo many old beatz. And we didn't hear the same old classics over and over again.
    Outstanding sets from Mystical, Marcus & Slip.
    And my favourite set of the night--->SNIPER!
    We went way, way back to the early days, hardcore style.

    Again, place was empty but the vibe was inside for sure. Big ups to all late night jungle crew!

    Peace and Love,


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