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Renaissance - The Masters Series Part 12 mixed by James Zabiela


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has anyone had the chance to check Zabiela's new 2 disc set? http://www.residentadvisor.net/review-view.aspx?id=5909

I just had a listen this morning and am quite impressed with JZ, as per usual. Cd 1 is a really lush and beautiful chill out mix and CD 2 is more of a progressive house journey through different moods. Really progressive feel - so i had to post this in here. There is still prog out there!! JZ is keeping it alive!;)
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I'm digging it. It's a definite departure from the last two albums he did for Renaissance (but I'm guessing that it was because they weren't part of the Master's Series).

First CD is nice downtempo with a nicely building vibe, while the second one has a great upbeat, fun track selection that no one else seems to be offering without a healthy serving of cheese. He plays it straight and well.


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Liking the first disc

Skeptically, I checked this out, and it has been a long time since I liked JZ non-live, and I was impressed that he steps back from his trickery (mad skillz) and presents a more mature (some will say downtempo) style. I am especially loving the first disc. JC, you will really appreciate it. Laid back style breaks, well thought out of course. Check it out.