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Religion = batshit


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Pope Francis administers final rites at Cardinal Law funeral as abuse victims speak out

how did he resign in disgrace if he was promoted to rome??

hopefully he died by getting raped to death
what is the pope doing giving last rights to this piece of shit???

U.S. Ambassador-designate Callista Gingrich and her husband, Newt, as well as some other members of the diplomatic corps were on hand in the pews, along with the Vatican foreign minister, Archbishop Paul Gallagher.

i wonder how many ppl that are religious who are all over the #metoo allegations who have slammed weinstein et al yet still support the church after shit like this keeps coming out over and over again
fuckin hypocrties
Ya but why are the boys coming out with their stories now so many years later?

The timing is just weird, like how do we know the boys arent just making these stories up for fame and fortune?
Not to worry, there's unlikely any charges to be filed, as Pennsylvania is loosening up their sex abuse laws. Catholic Church is working overtime on this one.