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Release Records X-Mas Party @ Nasa/Fotos!!!

Richard Raiban

TRIBE Member
MAN OH MAN........

what a night.......got there about 10pm and set everything up!!! started off slow but picked up....i played some house for the first hour then adam came on and kicked it up a notch....

then the place started getting busy........everyone dancing, drinking having a great time!!! after about an hour i went back on keeping up to par with adam's killer selection!!! the entire place went bonkers!!! it was sooooo rammed in there that there was a line up outside around the corner to get in!!! when i heard that i was like :eek:

from there adam came back on and continued rocking the house!!!

ive never had soooooooooo much fun before @ nasa (not that ive been there that often but still!)

10/10 for this night and the fotos can be seen here


TRIBE Member
What a drunken mess of a night...

Good times though. Good times indeed.

Special thanks goes out to Mike Bertollii for being the host with the most ;)


Hmmmmm should I be worried?