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Release Records now sells BREAKS!

Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
As of this week, Release Records is officially selling breaks. We have a nice little selection of titles currently, and we will be working hard to greatly expand the selection each week (for as long as I'm working there
). So, come check out what we have in stock. As well, you can browse our website at www.release-records.com for a complete up-to-the-minute list of our inventory. Loooooong sound samples for every record will be uploaded every thursday afternoon.

Release Records is open 7 days a week, 12 - 8PM except Sunday which is 12 - 4PM. We are located on the east side of Yonge St., 3 blocks north of college, and 1 block south or Wellesley at 527 Yonge St. Anyone remember the old Microplay store?

As of next week, I will be working fulltime, 12 - 8PM Monday to Friday, but feel free to drop by any day of the week.


-Angus @ Release Records

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Angus Robinson

TRIBE Member
yes, I know... it just took us a little while to sort everything out

but we're good to go now.

Forgot to mention:

-we sell records online from our website (as this is my primary job with Release), so if you're too lazy to come down to the shop, or if you live far away, you can place an order with our user-friendly online ordering system.

-the phone number in the shop is 416.962.1400 or toll free anywhere in North America 1.877.512.1400.

-the prices listed on our website are on average $1 cheaper in the store. But, we cover the tax on online orders!

-sound samples for our entire breaks selection will be up either late tonight or early tomorrow afternoon.
I figured they'd be getting into breaks soon, they just hired me to do a breaks remix for one of their upcoming record releases on their Release label. Very cool! They seem to do really well in Europe. Release has been representing for a while over there. Cheers, Melting Man
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