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Relationship poll


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Originally posted by Rosey
i'm in the most perfect relationship. we first dated for about 3 and a quarter years back in highschool, broke up in university, got back together last year. she....just got here, gotta run :)
to finish answering the 'poll'....
we originally met right near the intersection of yonge and york mills, i was seeing one of her friends and met up with the two of them after school, broke up with her friend a week later and asked her out a week after that.
i dunno what you mean by type, we have a lot in common and a lot of differences.
she's 12 days older then i am, we're both scorpios.

one of my ex's briefly stalked me using the tribe board (lurker), for about 3 months she would show up at any party or club night that i said i was going to...so i started posting lots of disinformation about where i would be.


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Originally posted by Skipper
After reading Tribe for a little while now, I was curious as to how many are you are involved in relationships. How long have you been together, where did you meet, is the other person your "type" and how much older/younger are they than you?

Is anyone here dating another Triber? Are there any ex's on the board?

1. It will be 2½ years at the end of April.
2. We met off of a message board (not this one!)
3. Alex is totally my type... we share the same inane sense of humour, and constantly keep each other smiling and laughing.
4. I'm 6 months or so older than Alex.
5. He occasionally posts as strongbow.
6. My boyfriend from when i was 17 posts here (Tribe name = optik, Brandon, I think you may know him :) )- mostly in the techno forum, however.



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Re: Re: Relationship poll

1. One year Sunday
2. met @ parties/online
3. totally my type - one-of-a kind personality.
4. She's 5 years older
5. mcbee:)
6. nope.


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married since July 11, 2000
been together since Feb, 14, 1996, however i've known him for many years
he's two and half years older than me
not a member of tribe, however he checks upcoming events frequently

he's totally my type, i can't imagine ever being with anyone else, we usually party together, its just not as fun when he isn't there!!



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I have seen Suke & me cuddle after a night of drinking, does that count
as a relationship?
Actually I have seen Myka & Tim Patrick share the same thumb !


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Originally posted by mcbee

ya, the secret is out!;) we're going out. you guys found out!:p

AHHHA! THOUGHT SO! You thought you could be so sneaky about things. :p

Hehe miss you guys.

As for me, I have a fantastic bf. We've been together since International Penguin Awareness Day, he's completely the kind of person I could always see myself with (read: nutty but charming in a really hot kinda way), and he's just over 2 years older than me. He posts here occasionally but no one replies to his threads. :p



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lol @ JIB - I know you're happy for me

1. 10 months
2. met @ Tribe BBQ 2000
3. she's totally my type. kooky, beautiful and non superficial.
4. She's 363 days older then me
5. Chiclet
6. yep. but I wont mention


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Originally posted by zoo
i met my gf in 1st year at mcmaster
she lived one room over from me on my floor

we heard all about DFF and floor-cest :0)

i got kicked out of hedden for too much DFF...



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What the? Alright

For the record I have no idea what this crazy woman is talking about. Leave me alone please!!!!!!!!!
Big fat whatever. I really met Tina/KiX at the new years party at Allie's and since we shared a conversation that involved K and a bathroom....well, the rest is history.

She makes me deliriously happy and I'm pretty sure she's gonna make my heart burst one of these days......meh, whatever.
She's cool, I think I'll keep her around.....hehe



Originally posted by JayIsBored
tearer and i have just started seeing eachother and it's been a whirlwind romance so far!

I just reported this post to the moderator.


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Originally posted by Tearer

I just reported this post to the moderator.
I'll moderate you guys when I see you two! :mad:
So Jay, it comes out here, you've been snortin' Tearer behind my back all this time.. Well, you can have him! He wasn't pure anyway!

I'm happily single, it's the only way I can do what I want, when I want.

Surprisingly enough, I'm one of the few people who doesn't feel like the grass is greener on the other side. ;)


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Originally posted by KiX
International Penguin Awareness Day

Is that on January 20th? If so, isn't it just Penguin Awareness Day? It ain't no INTERNATIONAL event! *grin*



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