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Reid Speed- latest CD from Breakbeat Science

Sugar D

TRIBE Promoter
Breakbeat Science is proud to present the debut CD by America's premier female drum n bass/ jungle DJ, Reid Speed called Resonance.

Resonance is a bold reflection of her own unique style. From musical and melodic to dark and banging, Resonance covers the full spectrum of drum n bass. With 17 tracks never before available on CD and 4 exclusives- this mix is deep!

label: Breakbeat Science Canadian Distributor: KOCH



Orion and Math- Desolute Plains
Mathematics- Left of Centre
Polar- Reverse Psychology
Razor & GWZ- Resistance
Pieter K- Mirror
Marcus Intalex & St Files- Warp One
Dune- Robot Rock
Skeptic- Tear (A-Sides VIP mix)
Aquasky- Sucker Punch
DJ Damage- Rapture
Facs- Bad Dreams
Sonic and Silver- Hard Times
Ming & FS with Reid Speed- Mr. Fix It
Stratus- The Future
Reid Speed and DJ Seen- Picture This
Future Prophecies- Euphoria
Angel Zero- Satelite's End
Agent BLK- Feel Good