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ReiboCeine used to increase Glutathione


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I've got a friend who's trying to get me on board to selling this next big miracle pill. ReiboCeine is a patented molecule that will greatly increase Glutathione (Glutathione - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - the most important AntiOxidant to the body) levels in the body.

it's responsible for :

-neutralizing free radicals
-Regulating Nitric Oxide
-Key to protein synthesis
-plays a vital role in metabolism

She's told me about many people she knows who are hopping on using this supplement, and it's apparently the best new supplement out there. It's cured her sister who has suffered from Chronic Fatigue and even reversed a degenerative hearing issue with someone else she knows.

The Doctor behind developing ReiboCeine, which increases levels of Glutathione had sold his patent to to the US Gov many years ago. They shleved it, and did nothing with it - so he bought it back. Since buying it back, he's been approached my Pfizer, Bayer and other huge drug companies who want to sell this product. He hates big pharma, and wants to sell it at a lowest price as possible, to make it easily available to the general public.

Sounds almost too good to be true.

Anybody else hear of this supplement? Thoughts? Maybe some biochem nerds can chime in?
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Being bored one afternoon sick from work I recall this coming up on Dr. Oz (I swear there was nothing better on TV). He was touting this antioxidant.

My understanding is that a diet rich in fruits and veg will keep your levels pretty good. But obviously diet will determine supplement usefulness.


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the only supplements I take are fish oil and protein. I know i'm getting enough of everything else.

I just thought it was an interesting product. But even though there are hundreds of studies on Glutathione, there's nothing on this type of supplement except for in mice, it seems.