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Registering a business under the Gov't

Aerius Zension

TRIBE Member
So, I think I'm gonna go pro for photography.

It would help with my taxes and I could get some more equipment for my camera and claim that back as well, hopefully.

Does anyone know where I would go to register? I've tried the City if Toronto website and haven't found anything. And the info line is automated, so its not helping.

I'm looking for where I would have to go to register.



TRIBE Member
Bay / Wellsley Fed Gov't building in the lobby entrace on the East side... cost ~$60 for a business for a person, ~$300 for Corporation.



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I'm not sure...
Might be a Provincial building, but it's the Gov't building no matter ;)

But that's where I registered my "computer" business years ago.

pr0nstar :D
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