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doing some craft shows here, went to the Rider game last night, good times! Looking on suggestions on cheap places to stay in between, and interesting things to do, bars, clubs etc...

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man, it's been an eternity since I was back in Regina (I was born there), and so all I can recall is

- hit up University of Regina pub nights (they actually pulled in decent local punk rock bands, and others (like DOA and Teenage Head). Thems were good times, actually.

- find some trailer park boy types who actually go out to some local field with palettes (wooden moving crate things), and set a bonfire and have a big local field party on the weekend. 100s of peeps will show up. bs, the cops will come, at 2-3 AM, and they may even let you drive away drunk. (They're only there to break it up). (PS it's the same deal in Jasper, Alberta).

- umm.. hang out at Wascana park. Watch the hoards of geese shit freely. Maybe meet a nice girl from the South End! Hang out at, um, McDonalds.

...... that's about all I've got


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There's some kind of show at Macguire's(2105 8th street east) on saturday. Pureedmradio.com live to air party.

The Capitol Music Club has Sean Viloria and the Outcast Empyre(their second show[funk/soul, as far as I can tell], with my friend Danger Bay doing a set as well.)

Other than that...not sure.
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