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Reflections on a term long past by william


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Well i usallay sent of these out to my friends thought you guys might like it as well. Kinda a year in review thing except i do it after 4 months or a travelling.

Reflections on a term back

1) Holding on to the past will prevent you from moving forward.

2) But you must also remember your past to find the path ahead.

3) just because one thing changes dont expect everything else to change, nor should it even.

4) A year exchange is both a good and a bad thing. Good in terms of helping you see outside of the box of your lifestyle and country. Bad in that you are a totally unprepared when you come back. I failed a mid term this year because i havent done any work in like a year. I have never done that before. But i smartened up and got good marks afterwards.

5) The human brain is alot like a muscle, it can get lazy and weak if you dont work it often. But it never really goes away. Much like people who are naturally well toned. Even when they stop working out it is still there. The same is true for mental prowess.

6) Is it multicultural if we all live the same lifestyle and lead similar lifestyles and dress in the same manner?

7) You dont own a car it owns you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! When you factor in insurance, petrol, parking, maintanence, payments we are getting screwed over. The car has its value but not to the extent we use it. There is clear need for more sustainable transport in out the canadian urban system. More trains is necessary I am sure of this.

8) adding on the car bit. Walking is amazing exercise and you dont realize how much it kept you in shape untill you have to drive everywhere. Same food and exercise regimen as before cept i am out of shape. Why? i drive everywhere.

9) Canadian university students are overworked. Its nice that we now alot and we get good marks. Naturally, this is necessary in canada where we have at present unprecedented levels of post secondary education participants as well as holders of undergrads. However, in our attempt to increase productivity we lost track of what a post secondary education is about. There has been a noticable shift to a more college oriented type of education where you get a degree with an immense amount of skills attached with it. However, what about academia they pure enjoyment of learning something for its own sake. For pursuing research not because it will result in another .002 increase the stock but because it contributed something of merit to society.
I am not a fool the economics of the modern job market as well, but there is a clear need to shift our universities back to a academic focus.

much like what my best friend armando once told me with time everything changes. For better or for worse the one that is a constant in life is change. So next time you feel like there is no end in sigh or it is too far in the future to matter, remember that change does come.

11) The old buddhist experssion the path is the goal should be the focus of all our lives. Getting good marks is not about the mark it is about what you do to get those marks. Being well off socially is not about a single party or a girlfriend or what have you. It is about the process in which you went about it.


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