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Reefer Decree - funky throbbin' Scandinavian trance


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Friday March 1, 2002

The Students' Administrative Council at U of T presents:
Optic Biosphere

Psy Trance Room:
REEFER DECREE LIVE Iboga Records, Denmark
Quivering Virgin, Black Light Activists
Yeb, Black Light Activists
Siren, Sumkidz

*Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Jiwook & Oliver make up this duo who started making tracks in 1997 and have been turning heads ever since
* their debut album "Sound Frames" was released under the Iboga label and although other labels such as Zoom Records, Optimus Records, Flow Records, Outsolation, ZMA, Psysolation (Zoomica Music), Digital Psionics & Star Sound have featured their music
* their funky, fat bass lines, delicate themes and a killer sound production has created an overwhelming response from the international community.
*don't miss their first LIVE Canadian appearance
* check out www.reeferdecree.dk

Atlantis Pavillion, 955 Lakeshore Blvd. West, Ontario Place
$10 U of T students
$15 everyone else - same price @ door
19 + 10PM-6AM
Info: 416-260-0829 optic@sac.utoronto.ca
*Shuttle buses every 1/2 hour from Nathan Philips Square
*this is a not-for-profit event!*

Cheap Ego

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The show was ok IMO..

It didn't really matter that RD's power went out during their live PA cause it just sounded like they were playing the tracks straight from CD. Things were pretty much laid back the whole time. When they actually started playing CDs the music got really good.


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reefer decree - psychic substances

i like how these guys can make old school style melodic as well! wow
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