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Reece Johnson - Something Different out now On Deep Hype Sounds


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We start off with Drop Nowhere, a very deep tech house track that will move floors in the beginning of the night. Nice stabs, and deep bass, make up the

bulk of this one, and it's a nice one. On the remix, we also have someone new added to the remixer list. Sev Santiago adds a twist to Drop Nowhere, he

keeps the feel of the original, but kicks it up a little to make it a big room track. Hot remix. On Make Room, Reece brings a funky 90's type sound, that will

make you smile. Funky Stab hits, vocal snippets, and funky bass. This one is a hot one. Funkelastiks adds a bit of jack to his remix of On Make Room.

He picks up the pace a bit, and adds a sax to the track, makes it a jacking house can't miss! Tony Smart, adds a dark twist of dirty house to his remix,

and it's a hot one. Feel's like you are walking into a warehouse on a cold day, at 4 in the morning, all we can say is banging dirty house! re:search really

adds a nice twist to his remix of Make Room. Using different synth sounds,and manipulating the sounds and vocal snippets, makes this one the hot pick of

the remix pack! Check it out, you won't be disappointed!

Something Different [Deep Hype Sounds] :: Beatport