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RECTANGLE & the FUNKY 1 - APR. 5th - Hamilton


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Hello People!!!!! I cannot WAIT till the Rectangle PARTY!!!!!
Whoever isn't making it out to this party, is whak!! The lineup is amazing. This may be the party of the year!!! Who's with me???
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Smiley Jo

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*waves hand*

I'm with ya Dawn!!

Looking forward to hearing Josh since I missed him last time he was in T.O. and looking even more forward to hearing your bro rip it up!

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i guess I read my schedule wrong cause i got a call just now saying i was supposed to work lunch today...

that means im not working tonight!!!

what a score!
i'll be there
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I've seen neither add the fact J-Red rocked the house at big bud and I think its fair to say that this is going to be a night (weekend with focus in mind) to remember!



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when someone picks my ass up, i will come

secondly.... WHO IS DAWN?

i hear the name and i swear i don't know her. the name appears in so many stories, yet i'm totally clueless as to who she is