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Recovering pictures from an old Samsung phone


TRIBE Member
Ok so I have an old Samsung SGH-P207 phone that broke on me a long time ago.

Cleaning out the basement I came across it and the USB cable for it.

Now I got thinking there might be some old pictures on there that I'd love to be able to recover.

Plugging the USB into my PC (I use Windows XP) it's asking for "WMC ACM 1.0 APP" but when I search that it brings up a ton of warez/crackz sites that are sketchy at best.

Does anyone have any idea what software I could get to recover the pictures off this phone?


Staff member
Ask in howardforums. more than likely there will be someone who can point you in the right direction for a clean driver or copying utility.


TRIBE Member
Thanks for the link but all of these programs still don't install the driver for the phone.

It's like it's trying to find a phone modem driver on my PC whenever I plug the USB cable in.

I'm completely confused at this point.
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