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Records sale #354457-R!! Hcore, Techno, Old house..Something for the whole family!

Cheap Ego

TRIBE Member
Ten bucks a pop, 2xLP's 15 buckos..

First the old house:
Frankie Knuckles - Whistle Song promo - Virgin
Kimmie Horne - Missing You EP - Happy Soul
The Edmund Seager Project - Pick It Up:Full Out/Garage Mix (Terry Kelly!!) - Top Kat/Stickman Rec.

Then the Trance/Trancey and or hard house:
Nostrum - The singles Collection 2xLP - Time Unlimited
Hector - Exit Acid: Breaker's Revenge/Clubwalker - S3
Armand Van H - Entra Mi Casa: Orig long ver/LP mix - Armed Records
Astralasia - Special World: Sabre Tooth Sword mix - Magick Eye Records
(note: The track on the other side of this records skips due to a press defect, so it is not listed)
N/A - Chariots of Fire: Royal TS Remix / Extended Ver. - N/a
(please... don't ask!)
Sash! - Stay: Armand VanH/Orig Mixes - Ultra Europe
Boomtang Boys - Popcorn/Time After Time - Virgin
Alex Martin - Straight/Eventual Extremes/Last Term - Pagoda
Die Kreuzritter - Der Komtur - What's Up?
DJ Spacecase - Reach The Limit - Mindworx

...Some Hardcore / Techno:
Rob Gee - Hardcore Person/Gigibo/The Vibe/Na Na: Orig/Masochist - Adam Rec.
Firebrick - Dance/Future/Juno Rifpad/The World - D-Boy
Dj Fred & Arnold T - Wall St - Lightning Rec.
?? - Twist Me up - Bassex
Da Tekno Warriors - Da Beat II - Rotterdam Tekno
The Masochist/DJ Neophyte - The Tunnel (Remix of Danny T's Elements) - Rotterdam Rec.
Retro Gang - Do you Dream/Acid Control - VCF

Finishing off with the Missle-Anius:
Fat Boy Slim - Rockafeller Skank/Always Read the Label/Tweakers Delight - Astralwerks
Air - Sexy Boy: Album/Etienne De Crecy/Cassius mixes - Source
Buckfunk 3000 - Economics/3000 - Language
Beastie Boys - Body Movin:Album/Kut Masta/Fatboy Slim mixes - Grand Royal

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