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Records from 2000-2002 for Sale


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Here are a bunch of really good tunes that I just haven't got around to playing in my sets, all are in immaculate condition. The more you buy the cheaper they will be...
prices will range from $5-10(not including 2packs)

Timo Maas-Der Shieber-48k
Peace Division-Junkyard Funk Album(2 LPS)
Aphrohead-Cry Baby-Clashbackk
Felix Da Housecat-Control Freq-City Rockers
Sinesweeper vs Fliterheads-Faggots and Dope-Infrared
Hipp-E and Onionz-Cruise Control-In tha Mix
Linus-All over My Rig-Vinyl Addiction
Plasmatics-Leatherface-Vinyl Addiction
Stereo and Flash-End of Line-Confused
Martin Venetjoki-Notaussteigung-Paper
Tone Broke-How much for an hour-Catalyst
j.Splat-Monk-a-delic Phunk-Phunked Up
Kissysuzuki-Pumpin'-140 records
Pornflake-White Label
Chris Zander-Lord of Sunshine(Varella rmx)-PV
Thomas Krome-Shockabuku v.2-Corb
Glen Wilson-Mutations-Planet Rhythm
Olav Basoski-The Zarrow Bros.-Work
S-A-S-From the Inside-SuperStition
Funk 198-White Label-Stickmen(the newest one)
Rhythm Division-Aurora-Whole 9 Yards
E23-E23-White Label(Nu-skool Breaks)
Unlucky Bitch-Get the fuck out-Tag
Whiplash-Ghetto Tears(Tear the club up)-Subliminal
Pete Heller-Stylus Trouble-Junior
Vitae-Energy Flow(Santos rmx)-Distinctive breaks

reply here, email me djdecepticon@yahoo.com ,or icq-42134429



TRIBE Promoter
good ol fashion spring cleaning here's some more :)

Dj Hype feat Mos Def-Oh No(2 step rmx)-Rawkus
Jark Prongo-Onix~1-JP records
Lambda-New York(Timo Maas, Jark Prongo rmx)-Le Petit
Santos-3-2-1 Fire!- Incentive
Disko Kids-Music is the Voice-House Attics
Jan Driver-YO!WHAT?(Timo Maas Rmx)-Foam
Nigel Richards-Latin Rock-611
San Jose-Keep Flowing EP-NRK
Vitamin D-Slap of Jazz-WMC white label
Klobber(Armand Van Heldon)-Redneck Revenge-KK
Slynus-v.1-Vinyl Addiction
2 Bald Men-The Good, the bald and Ugly EP-Experience
Mephisto Odyssey-The Lift(Onionz rmx)-Primal
Rick Garcia-Jungle Jazz-UC Afterhours
Olav Basoski-Canda Rmx-Club Tools
Daft Punk-Digital Love-Virgin
Royal Drums-v.1-Cyber
Ian Void-Animal Instinct-Contaminated
Jamie Anderson-Remixes Vol.1-Artform
Oliver Lieb-Testified-White
A Squared-Blasted-turtle trax
Sump Pump-Frontal Assualts-Planet Rhythm
Slam-Positive Education(Carl Cox rmx)-VC
Linus-The Shifter-Vinyl Addiction
Dj HMC-Marauder-DiRTY HoUsE(limited edition)
The Hacker-Just Play-Rotation
Chris Liberator-Set Fire RMX-TEC
Joff Roach-Nutty Processor-Vinyl Inside
Frankie Bones-Ghetto Technics 11
Player 69-I'm a Player-Wedafaqawi
Misstress Barbara-First Reality EP-Rotation
Gwill Morris-Fuktitles-Midset
Jan Driver-Soul Shaker-Foam
Rickey Le Roy-All the Way-BXR
Chris Carter-Savvas-Bellboy
Trevor Rockcliffe-Lets Get together Ep-Bush

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