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records for sale

Discussion in 'Jungle Room' started by Guest, Dec 15, 2001.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It was fun but I think I'll stick to my progressive house.
    this is what I got. I'd prefer to sell them all together but I will entertain all offers.

    Everthing is in decent condition except for some of the sleeves. nothing has any skips

    email offers and questions to evangray79@yahoo.com.
    I will not be checking this thread.

    Bad Ass/Drop Top Caddy - Urban Takeover
    There's Something Out There - Ray Keith (X2)
    Tunnel Vision/Stealth - DJ Reality/Future Cut
    Coded Language/Excuses - DJ Krust
    Dream Thief/Infinity - Bad Company
    Night Train/Toxin - Bad Company
    Hysteria/Crucifixion - Bad Company
    The Craft/Rock Steady - Usual Suspects/Digital
    Nitrous/Colonies - Bad Company
    Out of Touch/Forcefield - Total Science/DJ Kontrol
    Original Nuttah VIP - Shy FX
    Hide U/Empty Skies - Kosheen
    Man of Steel/Break One - Vinyl Syndicate
    Son of Nitrous/Navajo - Bad Company
    Moonwalk/Research - Marcus Intalex feat. St Files/Cause 4 Concern
    Love The One You're With/It's Jazzy - Supply & Demand/Roni Size
    Stay or Go - Brian McKnight dnb vs. rnb remix (white label)
    Messiah/Bodycount - Konflict/Usual Suspects
    Walk Wit Ya Friendz - Warlockz feat. Simpleton
    Horns 2000/Caution - Future Cut/DJ Loxy
    Twisted Individual EP
    Firin' Squad/3rd Eye - Manifest
    The Trend/Control - The Kraft
    Mathematical Chemistry - DUB
    The Party/Baddest DJ - The Dream Team
    TDS 1/Cutting and Scratching - DBA
    Submarine/Future Funk - Lock'n'Load
    Overboard - The Nomadz feat. Ninja Ford
    Lifespan/Crisis - Ed Rush & Optical
    Deception - DJ Krust Remix/Aphrodite Remix
    Roni Size Reprazent - In the Mode Album (x4 )
  2. evil homer

    evil homer TRIBE Member

    top 50 releases and re-releases of 2000
  3. sauce

    sauce TRIBE Member

    Check your mail.

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